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About me
All right so I'm in my fifth year at the University of Arizona majoring in communications, minor in journalism and working towards a career in Public Relations.  I have a pretty diverse life, and involved in a lot of activities.  The past two years I've been involved in the Arizona rave scene. Amazingly enough there are some great parties here in Tucson and all across Arizona. Check out the Rave pics Index for pictures from some of the parties I've been to.  I'm also the chair of the Tucson Young Republicans and am the President of the University of Arizona College Republicans.  I know, I know pretty wide range of interest huh?? OH! and you can't forget that I am the worlds biggest Atlanta Braves fan, as well as a huge Phoenix Suns fan.

That's just a little introduction to me, but if you want to see some pictures of my friends and I, click on the link up there that says "See me"

Have fun, enjoy my page!!!