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Inaugural Ball
January 2001

Here we are, Theresa, Pam, Charles and Me at the Pima County
Inaugural Ball.

Charles, Mike, Pam, Me, Theresa, and Tony

Spring Break 2001

Here's Christina, Natalia, and Me at
ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney.

Natalia, Christina, and Me at Yariba Yariba,
Downtown Disney.

Brian, Me, Chris, Natalia, Rodrigo, Christina, and the two
girls in front are from Canada......(I don't remember their names)
House of Blues, Downtown Disney.

Chris and I
House of Blues

Natalia and Jon
( cute)

Chris, Me, and Rodrigo


Audrey and Beth at the Meet Rack

Audrey, Beth, and me, at the Meet Rack

Audrey and I being cheesy runners.

My friend David and I

Me, Pat (the cable guy), and Audrey.

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