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Pima Community College

    Pima Community College, a commuter school with 5 campuses across Tucson.  PCC offers several different programs for their students, the transfer program, occupational and developmental education, as well as special interest courses.  If the 5 PCC campuses are not convenient, they also offer courses at Davis Monthan AFB, Green Valley, Nogales, and Sells.  
For more information about Pima Community College, and all that it offers please visit their web site at:

    Jessica Bortolini's Essay # 1 (WRT 101)

    Any baseball fan will tell you the highlight of every season is the playoffs. The excitement builds through the divisional playoffs, growing in to the league championship series, all to culminate in the ultimate seven game series, the World Series.
   I've grown up a fan of the Atlanta Braves, even after moving out of Atlanta I never adopted another team, I stayed true to the Braves.  My freshman year in High school my family rewarded me for being such an immense fan.  With a branch of my father's company in Atlanta the company often purchased season tickets for the Braves games.  In 1995 the company was able to not only purchase season tickets, but were also able to get tickets to the World Series.  With only one ticket left, a debate ensued over who should receive the ticket.  Knowing how much of a fan I had become over the years, my father spoke with some people in the Atlanta office explaining to them how I followed the Braves so diligently through every season. It wasn't long before they were convinced that I should be the one to receive the ticket.  The excitement I felt when my father told me was unbelievable; I didn't know what to do with myself. I went from being stunned silent to screaming with excitement to crying tears of joy. I would be going to game two of the 1995 World Series!
   After spending most of the day of the game on a plane flying from Oklahoma City, the anticipation of getting to the stadium and to the game became almost unbearable. The cab ride from the airport to the stadium seemed to last forever. Finally arriving at Fulton County Stadium brought a rush of excitement through my body. I reached the stadium about three hours before the start of the game, just in time to see batting and fielding practice.  Walking through the stadium my excitement continued to grow. Looking at the field, I began to realize I made it, it wasn't a dream, I was at Fulton County Stadium for the World Series. Everything had such life to it.  The grass appeared much greener than on television, so lush. The lines on the baseball diamond were as white as fresh snow, and the dirt around the bases had an amazing reddish brown color. As I took pictures of batting practice I knew they wouldn't do justice to the actual site of it all.  
   Every sound I heard sounded amazing. Sounds that had seemed artificially added on television became very vivid.  With every crack of the bat, each pop of the glove as a ball was caught brought me to the edge of my seat. The sound of the crowd each time the Braves scored a run was deafening.  I didn't believe that the crowd could get any louder, but then they did.  With the game tied in the bottom of the ninth inning, Javier Lopez stepped up to the plate, the pitch came, and BAM, it was hit out of the park. Javier Lopez had won the game for the Braves with just one swing of the bat. The crowd erupted into a roar like you had never heard before; everyone jumped from their seats in excitement.  Fireworks shot up in the distance only to add to the excitement as Javier Lopez rounded the bases.  As Javier reached home plate the rest of the Braves were behind the plate waiting to congratulate him. I couldn't help but smile with them, I felt like a part of the team.